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We love hearing from our grant and scholarship recipients on how they did at regattas, summer camps and travel, both near and far.

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“John Gilmour and I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous support for the 2016 I-14 World Championship in Carnac, France. Without your support we would not have been able to attend this event. The Bay Area has a long history in the I-14 fleet, and we are honored to keep the tradition alive.”
~ Katie Love and John Gilmour IV

“Thank you so much for the grant to use towards the Ida Lewis Regatta in Mississippi. I really appreciate the support!The regatta and clinic was hosted by Bay St. Louis and it was very fun. I practiced and raced 420s for 5 days with great competition and I had great coaching. I learned a ton and it’s an event I will never forget! Thank you so much again!
~ Chloe Holder

Opti 1“I just wanted to say thank you for the support that you have given me through out my quest to qualify for the USODA Team Trials. I am happy to announce that I’m now qualified for the Team Trials, thanks to my result at the WCC.

I wrote an article about my two last regattas and how I got qualified: if you want to check it out here is a link to my blog: http://hoelsailing.blogspot.com/.
~ Hoel Menard

“I must say that I am eternally grateful for the scholarship you have given me…
Sailing is not only a hobby of mine, but a passion, one that I see myself continuing for my entire life, with my goal of making it to the Olympic games! I am so grateful for your support! I am eager to keep going to the next level of racing and always be getting better! Thank you!”
~ Gabriel Reuter

sarahyoungleitercup1-1“Thank you so much for the grant! Leiter Cup was a success, and I learned a lot at the clinic as well. It was light wind so I got lots of practice in roll tacking. This helped me a lot because, as you probably know, San Francisco Bay rarely has light winds to practice on.
Also, the regatta was a great learning experience because it was a competitive fleet. I finished 9th overall out of almost 30 girls! I was very proud of my results because this was one of my first regattas in this type of boat. Thanks again for your support!
~ Sara Young

“Thank you so much for approving my grant for the Laser North Americans.  I was able to buy new top and bottom sections that I broke on day 2 of the pre-regatta clinic.  My clinic coach said he had never seen someone snap a mast like I had before, he told me that it was “very impressive”!  I finished in 30th out of 42 in the silver fleet.  I learned more about sailing in heavy air conditions, and I made friends from all across the US. I learned a lot at this regatta- i.e. how to start with strong current pulling you over the line.  I cannot wait to compete in more events like this where I will hopefully improve…Thank you again for your support- it makes me proud to be an SFYC sailor.”
~ Caitlin Froeb

opti-nationals-3-by-patty-young“I wanted to thank you for your very generous grant. The USODA National Championships were held at the Houston Yacht Club in July and were a great experience for me. Over 250 youth sailors were racing. I learned a lot from the high level sailors and the large fleet starts. I think that I learned a lot and my racing improved in many ways. Thank you very much for supporting my love for sailing!”
~ Jim Young

“The 49er North Americans were held in Newport, RI at the Sail Newport, August 26-28. My skipper, Nevin snow and I arrived a week early do some training for what was to be our first 49er regatta together. Nonetheless, the training was great with 5 days in a beautiful Rhode Island sea breeze of 11-18 knots. With the help of US Sailing’s Fuzz Spanhake and a few training partners, we were feeling confident that we could do some serious racing in our first event.
Day one saw the breeze fade slightly in comparison to our practice days, a trend that would continue throughout the regatta. We were fast, but our starts were inconsistent. this resulted in a tumultuous scoreline that would land us in 9th place.
The goal for day two was to improve on the starting line, and we were sure consistency in the results would follow. This is exactly what happened and after some top 5 finishes, we were in 5th place for the regatta, and top 3 on the day. 
Two races were scheduled for the third and final day of racing, and with no wind in the morning the first race would start at around 2:00pm. While this would turn out to be our throwout after receiving an OCS for the race, it was actually a sign of complete improvement from day one, where we would have been lucky to have even been close to the line threatening for an OCS. This left us with the final race, where we stood in 8th place. It was our best start, hanging comfortably in the front row after the start for as long as we cared. Our tactics were sound and we finished in a solid 3rd. Good enough for a 6th place finish in the regatta, and some excitement about how well our first regatta went. Here’s a short video of one of our starts.
Nevin and I would like to thank the Belvedere Cove Foundation for their support for us and this regatta. Without your help, this would not have been possible! Thank you very much!
~ James Moody and Nevin Snow

2016 USODA Team Trials at SFYC
Photos courtesy of Abner Kingman Photography

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